Dear Xtreme Trips/College Travel Experts Traveler,

Over the course of the past few years you've had the opportunity to travel with either Xtreme Trips or College Travel Experts, or perhaps both. We've taken you to the Rose Bowl to see the Badgers play, to Puerto Vallarta for the best spring break of your life, poolside to Las Vegas to relax during fall break or some other unforgettable destination.

If you thought that was great, it's about to get even better!

We're taking the best parts of Xtreme Trips and College Travel Experts to create Xtreme Brands, a brand new travel, entertainment and student services company that's going to rewrite the script on your college Xperience. Xtreme Brands will provide you with a year-round travel calendar from the beaches of Mexico and the Caribbean to the away cheering section of your college rival's football stadium. Simply put, Xtreme Brands will be the one company for all of your travel needs.

Moving forward, we ask that you stay up-to-date with Xtreme Brands by following the Xtreme Trips' Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news, highlights and contests. We're extremely excited to expand into other lines of business as Xtreme Brands means more than just travel. Stay tuned as we announce more ways Xtreme will dominate the college lifestyle.

- The Xtreme Brands Team

Visit us at XTREMETRIPS.COM for travel information or contact us at INFO@XTREMEBRANDS.COM!